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  •    The film Triumph of the Wall - 2012 Winner of the Pierre et Yolande Perrault Prize
  •    The film Triumph of the Wall - 2012 Official Selection - Victoria Film Festival
  •    The film Triumph of the Wall - 2011 Official Selection - Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal

Triumph Of The Wall

A film by Bill Stone

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"Triumph Of The Wall - is a film about expectations. It's the story of two guys who embarked on an eight-week journey - eight years later they are still trying to figure out how to finish what they started..."

DVD available as of September 17, 2013

About the film

TRIUMPH OF THE WALL takes viewers through the insane and passionate journeys of two artists questioning the unexpectedly massive undertaking of their chosen "art" projects; reminding us all that sometimes art (and life) are as much about the process than they are about the finished product.


As fascinating as it is meditative as it is hilarious. TRIUMPH OF THE WALL is a documentary film that begins as a chronicle of the construction of a 1000-foot dry-stone wall by a novice builder on a large property in rural Quebec. The builder, Chris Overing, sets out on September 11th, 2001 to complete the stone structure within eight weeks. The filmmaker, Bill Stone conceived of this film as a straightforward telling of this laborious yet creative task, but both projects evolved into something altogether different.


Almost immediately, the neophyte stonemason realizes he has woefully underestimated the time and energy required to complete his task. After years of frustration, filming is wrapped. At that moment the wall is less than two-thirds complete. During the preceding eight years, Bill ’s expectations for his film project unravelled as Chris’ expectation for his building project were challenged and revised. During this process, their respective artistic projects confront them like monstrous children grown out of proportion, threatening their sense of personal identity and their sense of creative effectiveness.

Film Details


  • DIRECTER BY:   Bill Stone
  • PRODUCERS:   Frederic Bohbot and Bill Stone
  • WRITER:   Bill Stone
  • EDITORS:   Carl Freed and Bill Stone
  • COMPOSERS:   Julie Theriault, Mikael Tobias, Eric Harding Trio
  • OTHER MUSIC: J.S.Bach, Francois Carrier, Erik Friedlander, W.A. Mozart, Rachel’s Band, Max Richter, Speedhair, Stars of the Lid et Zombie Death Machine
  • DISTRIBUTED BY:   Bunbury Films (International) ; Kino Smith (Canada) and First Run Features (USA).
  • Produced in association with:   Super Channel
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