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Founded by producer/director Frederic Bohbot in 2002, BUNBURY FILMS is a Montreal-based film production and distribution company, which produces thought provoking documentaries and high quality fiction films that push the boundaries of social, environmental and popular culturein for national and international markets. BF demo reel »

ONCE A NAZI... / NAZI UN JOUR (Canal D, winner J.I. Segal Award - 2006) was BUNBURY FILMS' first release, and Frederic's directorial debut. On the back of it's critical success; BUNBURY FILMS produced three new documentary films for leading Canadian broadcasters: BIGFOOT'S REFLECTION (CHUM Television: SPACE - 2007) - directed by Evan Beloff, about Bigfoot hunter's obsession for the creature; QUITTER LE BERCAIL / LEAVING THE FOLD (Radio Canada, winner Best Documentary Award: Religion Today Film Festival in Italy - 2008) - directed by Eric Scott, about young Hasidic Jews who decide to turn their backs on the insular fundamentalist world into which they were born; and BURNING WATER (CBC Passionate Eye - 2010, winner SCIC Global Issues Award- 2011) - directed by Cameron Esler and Tadzio Richards, about a small town in Alberta where the farmers lives are being disrupted by the hydraulic fracturing in the oil and gas industry.

In 2011 BUNBURY FILMS released LAND OF DESTINY (Documentary Channel, winner Canadian Environmental Media Award - 2011) - directed by Brett Story, about blue-collar life and why people work; and UNDERDOG PLAZA (OMNI) - directed by Evan Beloff, a tale about a Dierry Jeanís sacrifice and struggle to become a champion boxer. In 2013 BUNBURY FILMS released TRIUMPH OF THE WALL (Superchannel, winner of the Pierre & Yolande Perreault Award for Best First Feature RVCQ) - directed by Bill Stone, an epic film about work, life and managing expectations. . This release was followed by MY BROTHERíS VOWS produced for ARTE, winner Germany Best Documentary Award: Religion Today Film Festival in Italy - 2014, directed and featuring Stephanie Weimar struggling with her brotherís decision to become a missionary monk.

2014 was an unforgettable year for BUNBURY FILMS. THE LADY IN NUMBER 6 was released and went on to win the Academy Award for the Best Short Documentary.

In 2015 BUNBURY FILMS released the follow up to the Dierry Jean saga with UNDERDOG RISES (OMNI); In 2016 the documentary and interactive web platform VIE DE CHATEAU (Radio Canada), directed by Catherine Lemercier as an hommage to the dedicated employees of the fabled Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. 2016 also saw the premiere of ZIMBELISM at Hot Docs and the Shanghai International film festival before itís broadcast on Documentary and Canal D. Zimbelism is about famed photographer George S. Zimbel.

2017 will see the theatrical release of SHADOWS OF PARADISE by Sebastian Lange who reflects on his past in the Transcendental meditation movement featuring David Lynch, produced for theatrical release and broadcast on Documentary and Super Ecran. 2017 will also see the release of BOOST Bunburyís first foray into feature fiction. The 90 minute drama was produced in association with Havelock Films & Telefilm Canada and is written and directed by Darren Curtis. KOSHER LOVE is a quirky documentary on marriage and commitment in the Orthodox Jewish world made for CBC Firsthand broadcasting for Valentineís day on February 16, 2017.

BUNBURY FILMS is currently in production with director Albert Nerenberg on YOU ARE WHAT YOU ACT and Isabelle Raynauld on MUSIC AND THE BRAIN both set for release in 2018.    See our list of films and productions »


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